Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I work with a bunch of greedy hungry people at work.  I fit right in because I'm always trying to feed everyone so it's been a semi match made in heaven :) I say the greedy hungry with the upmost fun and giggle when I say it. I have fabulous coworkers who not only work well all together but they are genuine and truly love one another outside of work too.

So I have quite a few cookie monsters at work so I set out yesterday to find a good chewy cookie recipe.  We have a cookie company in our mall but man they are almost $2 each per cookie! I mean it's highway robbery.  So when I found this recipe, I was skeptical but I had all the ingredients so I said what the heck. I could make one batch to test them out, then if I didn't like them, we could enjoy cookie dough ice cream or something.

Very rarely do I find a cookie recipe that says they are chewy and soft batch-like and live up to that title.  But man do these cookies right here really live up to it! I mean they are phenomenally delicious. I think you should stop what you are doing, put two sticks of butter on the counter and wait until it's room temp so you can make these cookies. I think it's key that the butter is seriously room temp and soft! I left mine out all day while I was at work yesterday so don't judge.

However, do not blame me if you gain any weight after you make 254254 batches of this cookie, ok?

I hope to update later on tonight more about our family and what's been going on in the Fanguy house.  I might also share my shrimp and potato soup recipe that I have floating in my head and will cook tonight.  I have a feeling it's going to be uh-maaaay-zing!

Just sayin'!

Because I'm a first grader, whatssuuuup!

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