Monday, July 25, 2011

Police Academy

My husband starts police academy at 8 AM tomorrow morning.  This is going to be a long 16 weeks, God help  me!  I know this sounds ridiculous to some of you and you will raise your eye brows at me, but I think it'll give me a small taste of what single parents feel like at times doing everything on their own.

It's just been an interesting ride so far.  I'm so over working wild hours and really hope and pray for a M-F job to land in my lap with my company but there isnt a chance in hell for that to happen.

I need to blog more here but I'm torn in what direction I want to take this.  I am suffering from insomnia right now so I do apologize for the ramblings.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My husband's big 3-0 day!

Tomorrow my sweet, loving, stinky, stubborn and amazing husband turns 30!  There will be no large party or anything as it falls on a week day and well--I never ever get weekends off.  I am off today and tomorrow and he said he wanted to stay close to home to celebrate his bday.  We may or may not indulge in a night out tomorrow at a decent restaurant to consume some serious steak!  We'll see tho :)

I think I will make him this dessert and I am definitely making this at some point this week because he loves it!  I've made it a couple times and he and our daughter can't chew it fast enough to take another bite!  If you can--definitely try it. I've made it with and without the spinach and they like it either way.  It's ridiculously delicious :)

Other than that, I'm laying on the couch watching Despicable Me with my sweet little family instead of cleaning the living room, or bathrooms or dusting.  The dust bunnies are about to kick us out of our bedroom tho. I need to get on that tonight!

I'm going to enjoy the peace, quiet and kicking AC right now! 

Hope ya'll had a great 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Never ending cycle

I am so exhausted most nights.  My husband works 7 days on (6a to 6p) then off 7 days and then 7 days of nights (6p to 6a) then 7 days off. Me?  I work all kinds of hours.  I work for a cellular company in a mall so I work some days 930a-9p, or 11-9, or on Sundays I work 11-6.  I'm all different hours, every single week.

When I come home most nights at 9 or 930, I am exhausted but there is a ton to do.  The week my husband is on nights is my most productive night.  I come home and usually dunk my little girl in the tub.  While she is bathing, I clean up the kitchen and do laundry in between picking up things around the house.  I get her out the tub and snuggle her while I read her a bedtime story.  We talk about the day she had and I then put her to bed.  I finally get some time to sit and relax in peace and quiet.  Once she is asleep, which doesn't take long--then I'm in overdrive.  Swapping laundry batches, folding, hanging the clothes as they come out the dryer.  Did she pick up her stuff in the bathroom when she was done bathing? Did she remember to pick up her supper dishes (She usually does pick up behind herself but I have to check)  Are my husband work undershirts clean?  Should I vacumn now or later?  Dust now or later?  What's for supper tomorrow?  So many questions run thru my head.

Here I am at 11:15 at night and my child is at her nanny's for the weekend and my husband is asleep but I can't seem to find the motivation to lift the leg rest on my chair much less pick up the laundry littering the coffee table, all folded and hung ready to be put away.  The kitchen is clean but man clean pots/pans/towels litter the counter begging to be picked up.  I don't even have the energy.

How can I have so much energy when I'm home alone and have to do it all alone, yet when my child isn't here and my husband is asleep--I can't do jack crud!

I am trying to blog more.  I miss it. It is so therapeutic to write out how you feel and what you hope to improve on.  I just wish I had another set of untired legs to use when I come home at night after working 10 hours on your feet all day.

Good night all! Hope I still have some readers out there!

More than anything in the world

I asked my husband this week for a baby for my birthday gift.  Sounds dumb, right?

There isn't anything (other than a color Nook) that I want right now--so I asked for a baby.

We have our beautiful daughter Alesi but she isn't my biological child so I didn't get to have her from day one.  I met her when she was 2 and I've been her mom from that day on.  I love her and nothing could ever ever change the amount of love I have for her.  I love her like I'd love my own flesh and blood I would carry for 9 months.

I just want a child.  I've been bummed lately that it hasn't happened but I know I have to wait for when God feels the need to give me one.  I want the 9 months of extra weight, and heart burn, and hiccups, and acrobatic routines in my stomach! I just want it all and I want it NOW!

It just sucks.  Especially since I read that Nadya Suleman (You know, Octo-mom) has gone and said she hates her babies and they disgust her.

Really?   I'd like to smack her--that's for sure.

I just keep on praying and you know, enjoying my husband until we get knocked up ;)

Have a great weekend ya'll!