Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My husband's big 3-0 day!

Tomorrow my sweet, loving, stinky, stubborn and amazing husband turns 30!  There will be no large party or anything as it falls on a week day and well--I never ever get weekends off.  I am off today and tomorrow and he said he wanted to stay close to home to celebrate his bday.  We may or may not indulge in a night out tomorrow at a decent restaurant to consume some serious steak!  We'll see tho :)

I think I will make him this dessert and I am definitely making this at some point this week because he loves it!  I've made it a couple times and he and our daughter can't chew it fast enough to take another bite!  If you can--definitely try it. I've made it with and without the spinach and they like it either way.  It's ridiculously delicious :)

Other than that, I'm laying on the couch watching Despicable Me with my sweet little family instead of cleaning the living room, or bathrooms or dusting.  The dust bunnies are about to kick us out of our bedroom tho. I need to get on that tonight!

I'm going to enjoy the peace, quiet and kicking AC right now! 

Hope ya'll had a great 4th!

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