Friday, July 1, 2011

More than anything in the world

I asked my husband this week for a baby for my birthday gift.  Sounds dumb, right?

There isn't anything (other than a color Nook) that I want right now--so I asked for a baby.

We have our beautiful daughter Alesi but she isn't my biological child so I didn't get to have her from day one.  I met her when she was 2 and I've been her mom from that day on.  I love her and nothing could ever ever change the amount of love I have for her.  I love her like I'd love my own flesh and blood I would carry for 9 months.

I just want a child.  I've been bummed lately that it hasn't happened but I know I have to wait for when God feels the need to give me one.  I want the 9 months of extra weight, and heart burn, and hiccups, and acrobatic routines in my stomach! I just want it all and I want it NOW!

It just sucks.  Especially since I read that Nadya Suleman (You know, Octo-mom) has gone and said she hates her babies and they disgust her.

Really?   I'd like to smack her--that's for sure.

I just keep on praying and you know, enjoying my husband until we get knocked up ;)

Have a great weekend ya'll!

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