Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Chatter

Today is one of my glorious two days off of work this week. I had Monday off but spent a huge part of it getting things done around the house.

Today, I didn't do much at all since Alesi is in Biloxi and comes back tomorrow.  I slept until 11:28. I know, pick up your jaws.  I never ever EVER sleep past 9:30 at the latest on a good day.  I am very fortunate to have a very sweet child who loves her sleep and this summer has slept most mornings until about 9:30.   Being that I work most nights until 9:30 pm and my child waits up for me most days to see me because she can, we enjoy sleeping in a bit in the AM.  That changes Monday obviously with the return of school.  She is going back to school-I want to cry but I also am excited. Sleeping until 11:30 today is going to be my last treat of sleeping in for a very long time.

Wait, I did do stuff today.  I cleared out our front garden/flowerbed that was completely overgrown and horrid.  I also sprayed for the ridiculous amount of ants we have in our yard lately due to all the stinkin' rain.  I won't complain about the rain because it has kept us very cool this summer.  Today was awful in the heat dept but I know plenty of blogger friends out there are going thru even more sweltering temperatures.  It's been a hum dinger of a summer and I'm hoping that we don't get a hurricane this year.  Speaking of, I need to add water and spaghetti O's to the grocery list for tomorrow.  Don't judge!  If you don't have electricity, spaghetti o's come in handy :)

I'm going to step back to a few pictures of Alesi since she started school two  years ago.  I can't believe how big she has gotten!
Pre-k circa 2009

I love this sweet face!

She didn't want to leave her daddy that day!

First day of Kindergarten 2010

I just can't wait my toota-bug is starting first grade on Monday. She is growing up TOO FAST!!!

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