Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trying to find time

I'm dedicating myself to writing more in this blog. I've had another blog home for so long but the place isn't the same.  I only stop in there to check on my usuals and those are people I have every day contact with via FB, text or email/calls.  Is it sad I rely so heavily on electronic communication instead of good ol' fashioned phone calls?  It's  just so hard because I know my lovelies are busy during the day before I head to work and by the time I get off at 9:30 or so, they are well on their way to sleep or enjoying the peace and quiet of their precious children sleeping after asking them an insane amount of questions all day long.

Do your kids do that?  I love my child but every day its question after question. She's at the age where she wants to defend her point of view too.  I need to remember to not be my mom and just say "Because I said so" every time she asks why.  That used to bother the heck out of me, but you know you can't avoid it some times.

So today is Tuesday.  I tried last week to make this last week but I put it in my small crock pot which doesn't have an auto shut off. I left detailed instructions to my husband to turn it off before he left at 5 pm to head to work.  Imagine my utter surprise (notice the sarcasm) that he didn't turn it off and it burned my crock pot up!  So I tried it again in my large crockpot, doubled the recipe sort of, and it has a digital timer on it to turn it to warm when I say so.  If only I could marry a digital crockpot, right?  Just kidding, err sort of.

Today's menu consists of leftovers for my lunch bag for work with a salad and some green beans.  Whatever is left over tonight after half pint and my mom eat, I plan on making some chicken and dumplins' with.  I mean the basis for the crock recipe is the base for my chicken and dumplins sort of anyways.  I'll let you know how that turns out. Heck, I might try to even make it in my crock pot and post a recipe for ya'll!

I was supposed to make muffins for our family last night and I was just too dog tired to do so.  I was off yesterday but enjoyed the peace and quiet all day because HP was at school and my lovely husband is on nights so he slept until at least 2.  I can't do much while he is sleeping so I just fiddled around on the internet, book marked some recipes I'd like to try this week. I really want to try to do an advanced menu planning system.  Work will hopefully be slow today so maybe I can make a weekly calendar of menus to try to keep my brain from churning at all times of what I will be making for supper.  It's a beast to cook at 7 AM and then head to work after.  If only I had a regular 8-5 job, right?

I love my job, I do but man the hours stink.  Christmas will be a nightmare this year.

And on a final note, I am trying to snag some tickets to a no name opponent game vs LSU this year.  I will be reaching out secretly to a few friends to try to snag some LSU tickets for me and my hubby as an anniversary gift.  I just have to keep the purchase on the DL so it can remain a surprise! I also need to figure out his work schedule to make damn sure he can actually go.  He is going thru police academy and it is probably going to be the death of me!

Ok ta ta for now ladies and germs!

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