Monday, August 8, 2011

First day*

I'm anxiously awaiting half pint coming home from her first day of first grade!  Last night, she was really bummed about going back to school.  She loves school but she was overwhelmed with emotion because she said she'd miss me and daddy too much.  She tugged at my heart with that one ya'll.  I love my child, for real.  She is an amazing kid and she always knows what to say to her momma to make her heart melt.

So instead of moping around or putting my foot down about it in a mean way, I told her she would finally not be in the baby portables at school and would have a big kid class finally!  She said "I'm a first grader, what's up!" and I started rapping to it.  Yes I am a white girl.  Yes I dance like a white girl most days.  But this white girl rapped.  I know ya'll want to hear it right? Let me share!

The above convo I discussed happened while she was in the tub bathing.  When she got out and dressed, we packed her school bag and she immediately started carrying it around with all the millions of school supplies she had to bring on her first day.  The video above was taken in her room.  I love my child. You have to watch it.  I dare you not to bust out laughing!!

So it was only fitting this morning, I woke her up singing her rap song.  She got up happy and we got on our way to getting dressed, eating breakfast, giving daddy some sleepy sugahs, and then waiting outside for the bus.  Of course I took pics and of COURSE I'm making you see them :)

 the absolute sweetest face in the world that I couldnt say no to if I tried today!!


 Her first pair of big girl expensive tennis shoes!

I'll fill you in tomorrow on how today went. She also said she hoped her kindgarten boyfriends are in her class. Shoot. ME.NOW!


  1. LOVE!

    And now I'm singing "I'm a first grader, whassssup" in my head. ;)

  2. Awww! I love all of this! And I love the fact that I have one.more.week to live in the denial that I have a first grader, too!!