Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'd like to quite Garth

Garth Brooks, that is.  "I'm much too young to feel this damn old."

My birthday was yesterday, big 28.  Whoop de doo, right?  Once you hit 21, the only birthdays that are big are 30, 40, 50, etc.  Those aren't fun birthdays for most people, considering it's a sign that you are just getting older.  I have said since I turned 25, I can't wait to be 30.  My 25th birthday brought me many things--but it was the first birthday I shared with my now husband.  We had been dating for a couple of weeks and my dad made a bunch of burgers and had our family and a few friends over.  It was sort of like the big, "Hey family, meet my boyfriend" event.   We had a blast all together and my nephew and my daughter all played together well.    For those of you who don't know or didn't read, my daughter isn't really my daughter.  She is my husband's daughter from a previous relationship (not marriage), but you will never ever ever hear me call her my stepdaughter.   Alesi (pronounced uh-lacy) was 2 years old when I met her blue eyed smiling giggly self.  She called me mom like the 5th time we were together, and while it freaked me out--it never bothered me.

Her biological mother, who I refer to as the incubator or egg donor, walked out on my husband and her own flesh and blood daughter when she was just a year old or so.  My husband told her in no way shape or form could she take Alesi, because she was in a very bad place.  That's a story for another day, but that's not what this blog is about.   Anyways, my 25th birthday was the first one we spent as a family; Joe, Alesi and I.

My 28th birthday was the first birthday we spent as a married family.  It started off rocky with a torrential downpour but it let up into a sprinkle with the sun shining thru.  This is my first birthday without my grandfather, who was like a second dad to me.  The rain, I felt, was a gift from him. He was showing me that even tho he wasn't physically here on my birthday--he was with me in spirit.  I smiled up at the sky and went on my way.  I had a couple of job interviews as I am currently unemployed and looking for a job like a mad woman.    Later in the day I met with two girlfriends of mine for coffee where they spoiled me with the nicest of gifts.  I truly have the world's most amazing friends.  They knew exactly what to do to brighten my day. 

Then last night, I went with my in laws, hubby, daughter and my dad to eat supper.  My mom is in Canada on a convention so that's the only reason she wasn't there with us.  It was a great time and another friend of mine also came with her son to supper with all of us. My first married birthday was a success, even though times are incredibly tough, financially speaking.  I'm hoping things turn around and soon, but until then I'll keep hitting the grind to find a job.   

This morning I woke up early as hubby had already left for work and baby girl had spent the night at my in laws, I hit the ground running.  I put laundry to wash, started cleaning up the house for our bday bbq tonight and hit the grocery store.  I was half way thru thrift shopping on morning reduced meat when I got a frantic call from my MIL.   I could barely understand what she was saying until she said she thought she was having a heart attack.  I literally ran out of the store and called 911.  I knew her father died at an early age of a heart attack and they had a long family line of heart attacks at a young age in their family.  I sped like a wild woman to her house about 10 minutes away, if that long.  I got there and my child was in hysterics. She thought her Meme was dying and the fire dept was there talking to her and getting some vitals and such.

My husband is the VP at the local firehouse so I knew a few of the guys there on scene.  They were waiting for the ambulance to arrive as they agreed she needed to be checked out by the ER.  I called my husband to tell him what was going on and also called my FIL--both of them at work.  Then came the ambulance with wonderful paramedics and off we went to the hospital.  Her pain went from a 10 for the firemen, to a 9 to the paramedics to a 3 at the hospital. I was thinking maybe it was something else.  What bothered me was that she said the pain radiated down her left arm.  Back in 2001, my dad had a massive heart attack and her symptoms were exactly what my dad had but his pain hadn't ever let up. 

Meanwhile, my FIL and my SIL show up and SIL and I wait outside of the room with Alesi to keep out of the nurses way.   FIL was in there with her and maybe 10 minutes later, the pain came again.  There went the nurses and Dr,  into her room. An EKG and a chest Xray later proved she had indeed had a mild heart attack and they sent her to the cath lab.  I thought for sure they wouldn't find any blockages.Turns out--she had 3 major blockages of 90% or higher.  The minor heart attack at first set off an alarm of sorts in her body and they were able to put stints in to take care of the blockages while in the cath lab. 

So MIL is currently now in CCU and resting comfortably.

I am just much too young to feel this damn old.  I feel like a 50 year old woman right now.  Seeing my MIL go thru this, just really made me realize I'm not getting any younger.  One day, this may happen to me!  She is only 51, so very young for this.  

I'm going take a nap and hopefully wake up not feeling so drained.

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