Monday, August 2, 2010


Life has been ridiculously busy these days.  Between my mother-in-law having a heart attack, an awesome bachelorette party, interviewing for jobs, landing two jobs, and deciding which one to take--life has been busy.

I've had a few moments to sit back and relax for a moment or two. This moment in particular makes me smile.  On Friday after cutting our grass, I set up this slip and slide I managed to purchase from Target for a whopping $3.82.  It turned out to be a huge hit with my daughter and our precious neighbor's little boy Landen.  See for yourself:

Landen enjoyed himself as well.

I think he enjoyed swinging a tad bit more, however.

I haven't been cooking much as it's been hot as a smoldering building, but hopefully I find my cooking groove again.   I jsut can't past the heat to want to cook/bake anything.  I believe I need to start whipping out some kick butt salads.

We shall see!

For now tho, I shall get back to cleaning the house. Three weeks from today brings me training for my new job--I can't wait!

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