Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Artist's work

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My sweet precious five year old daughter is in love with "doing artwork" as she calls it. In the living room, kept in a lined wicker basket with a lid sits her markers, crayons, pens, stamps, ink pads, etc for her to do artwork. See, I'm a mean mommy and won't let her do artwork in her room as I'm afraid she'll have multicolored carpet in a matter of a week. She does her artwork on her table in the living room on our tile floor in case she spills or something, it'll be easier to clean up. PLus I can supervise her and she's learned the right way to close her markers and such and keeps it fairly neat.

She learned how to write my name probably a year and a half ago or so. I wrote it maybe 2 or 3 times on her art easel. Santa brought her a wooden Melissa and Doug art easel for christmas in 2008. Oh that was probably one of the best gifts she ever received, next to our Puppy Jack that she got the same year. I saw it on Amazon before christmas for a whopping $22 with free shipping (retails for up to $50) so I snagged it really quick. Point being is that I wrote the shortened version of my name a handful of times for her and she has never ever forgotten it. She asked today if she could make some artwork so of course I said that was fine. She sneakily asked me if I liked rabbits or horses more and I told her rabbits. She stamped the inside of the card with her bunny stamps, another Melissa and Doug wonder. They make wooden stamp sets that I think her Aunt Christy bought her for her birthday or Christmas one year, and she wears those bad boys out as well. She also drew me inside the card and then wrote the above shown words on the card and gave it to me as an early birthday card.

She makes me a card probably once or twice a week but this one just seemed more special to me. She thought about what I would like and asked me what I would prefer without telling me why she was asking me. She did something for me that she knew I would like. My child really is turning into a mini me, and for that I couldn't be happier.

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