Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All things Half Pint!

Please accept my apologies for lack of entries lately. Changing jobs, trying to focus more on my family, and just enjoying life area all to blame for this!

I know as our kiddos grow up, we don't have baby books or huge milestones anymore to record their likes/dislikes, mannerisms, light bulb moments, and overall personality changes.

My little girl asks often about what she was like as a baby or growing up in her first year.  I gently remind her that I have been in her life since she was 2 and reinforce her inquisitive behavior with stories that I can recollect of her at age 2 and older.  I remind her she can ask her dad once he gets home from work and we will definitely get those answers for her.

Now I want to record right here and now things that make me giggle or grin about her at this time!

She loves my red beans.  She doesn't like canned red beans and is quick to tell you they "aren't like her mommas" but with a smile.  She whispered that to my mom not long ago about my dad's beans.  I couldn't help me laugh at that point because my dad is who taught me how to cook for the most part!

She sings in the shower and I mean LOUDLY!  She loves to sing Adela, Maroon 5, and that boy band that sings "That what makes her beautiful."  Their name escapes me right now and I am too lazy to look it up since I know as soon as I type this, I'll remember their name! One direction, told you I'd remember!

She loves music and keeps it in her life in every way possible.  She knows all the words to most songs and it makes me smile :)  She definitely takes after me on this one!

She is protective of me and her dad both, but more so for me.  I love that she still curls up in my lap and cuddles with me every possible chance. 

She is growing like a weed and is really tall for her age.  I don't really know where she gets that height from but I know she'll enjoy it once she gets older.

She loves going to church and praying.  We say grace at the table and she loves to lead it!

She enjoys school most days and always surprises me with her skills.

She is such a good care giver.  My friend Sherrie had a sweet baby boy 4 weeks ago and she loves all over him like he is her own brother.  It breaks my heart to see how much she yearns for a sibling but I know we will have one when the good Lord is ready to help with that!

I am so blessed to have such an amazingly sweet little girl!

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  1. I love that she loves music! Continue to foster that passion in her and you'll end up with a really cool kid. :)