Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some days you just have to run

Any Dixie Chicks fans out there?  Remember that song, some days you gotta dance?  Well some days in my life you gotta run.  I've been hitting the gym in such a dedicated manner that I am even confusing my child.  She told me last night that I spend too much time at the gym and I am healthy enough already.  I told her I have 50+ lbs to go to be healthy enough and well, that is that!  She doesn't like me going to the gym but I explain that I will be happier and healthier, so she shrugs and runs off to go watch Victoria or play on her DSi.

The announcement today is that I have been running on the treadmill.  Yes, this girl right here has been running.  The only real time I've run before now is after my kid if she escaped  my grasp as a toddler or maybe after an Icee truck if he forgot to refill the machines at Sam's?   Either way, I've started my running regiment.  Let me tell you, it sucks to be on a treadmill for 45 minutes+.  I get bored.  Granted I have my iPhone, a TV, and an android phone all within reach but I am still bored.  I hate commercials so TV annoys me.  I am music spastic so I skip songs often.  There aren't many songs I can listen to it's entirety  but I am trying very hard to listen to songs from start to finish.  I often say my music spastic qualities might end up getting me divorced one day, but I think for now he'll stick around, lol.

My current songs I run to and keep up the pace:

Stronger-Kelly Clarkson.  I love her, love love that she is producing music like her first album.  Love her!

Countdown-Oh Beyonce I love you.  I mean I think the money you spent on blue ivy's nursery is a bit much, but I love this song.  I also rock out to Single Ladies too and you can see me holding a hand up sometimes on the treadmill while running/walking doing that dance.  Oh yes ma'am!

Set Fire to the Rain-Adele-you rock.  I love your voice.  I also love Glee's take on your songs and their mash-ups of them. 

Good Feeling-Flo Rida.  Bring it on, buddy.  I've got this!

Not over you-Gavin DeGraw.   Love love the upbeat tempo!

N in Paradise--I rock it.  I don't use the N word, ever and don't like the use of it but the song makes me run for the most part.

Moves like Jagger-Maroon 5.  This just makes me smile b/c my little girl loves this song and we dance to it anytime it comes on. I'm sure some people in traffic were getting a good laugh at us the other day

Now I'm off to make some soup for a coworker for a favor they did for me and get my butt up and dressed!

Have a great Thursday, ya'l1!

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  1. The only one of those songs I'm familiar with is Stronger. And that's only because I've had a mad crush on Kelly Clarkson ever since the first time I saw her. :)