Sunday, January 8, 2012


i am a huge ball of nerves. LSU is playing for the national title tomorrow! OMG I am going to pee myself with worry between now and tomorrow!

To make me calm down and laugh at myself, let me share some previous LSU pics to show you my time there!

This was when I worked for Winn Dixie and Mike came in to shop!

Senior LSU pic 2003.  What was I thinking with those roots???

Wow random picture of what engagement ring I wanted! Sorry had to include this because it was super random!

BIg night of going out!

I guess I was competing for Miss America LSU

Joel and I!


Good times!

oh wow!

When I still dresssed hot!

after a LONG night of partying :)

Drunk in Ihop!

My husband, before he was my husband!

My sweet Alesi being a tiger fan before Joe and I were even in love :)

Drunk at Pat O's!

I love my tigers! Sorry this is blurry---not sure where the original jpeg is :(

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  1. Love the pic of you on the recliner! And sorry about your Tigers. Hey, you win a few, you lose a few...always gotta support your team, though. I'm sure next year you'll still be walking around misspelling GO with all the rest of the rabid fans! ;)