Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First grade TURDS!

My little girl is 6, she will be 7 in April.  Christmas has been magical since her being in my life circa 2007.  I love it and it's the best thing to see her eyes light up and just very happy about all the things Santa brought her.  The way we explain it here in our house is that momma and daddy pay Santa for the toys he brings to our house.  2008 brought us Jack Jack (our super cute spoil rotten dog), 2009 brought momma a blown out back and lots of fun games and toys, 2010 was a tight Christmas and 2011 is was shaping up to be awesome until my sweet adorable FIRST GRADE child tells me on Friday that Jayce and Jaquawn told her there is no Santa Clause.  When I asked her what she retorted back to them, she said that you have to believe in santa in order for him to be real and that they were dumb boys who didn't believe but Santa is alive and real and she knew it!

It broke my heart that one lame butt first grade repeat kid and another little follower had nerve to tell my child as well as all of their classmates that Santa Claus was not real.  I wanted to punch his face in but what is a nice mom like me to do?  The ring leader goes to religion class on Mondays where I teach,  so I did pull his mom aside and talk to her. She was mortified and said that he still believes, she has no clue why he told Alesi that but she was sorry.  I told her I covered it well, no worries.

Let me tell you how I did so!

I put up Christmas decor outside today because work has been crazy and I refuse to put the decor up in the freezing cold snap we had last week.  I had to go get stakes to put the rope lights up along the driveway.  While I was there, I passed a pink mini tree, complete with base and nearby were tiny purple bulbs to put on it.  I decided right then and there I was going to "write" a letter "from Santa" as a thank you for believing in him.  So the note read as follows:

Dear Alesi,

Sorry I used your notebook, but I left mine at the North Pole.  I just wanted to say thank you for believing in me. You have been such a good girl this year so the elves cleaned your room and made your bed. Please make sure to keep being a good girl for mom and dad.  I will make sure you get everything you asked for this year.

Santa Claus

PS-Rudolph asks that you leave extra carrots this year.

She came home and went to her room to pick something up and came out without noticing the note left.  She was like mom you cleaned my room, and I acted dumb and said of course I didnt!  She then asked where I got the tree from and I was all like "you are full of bologna" and she made me go see.  She read most of the note and was so excited.  Ya'll, her eyes were like glazed donuts she was so excited. 

Take that you little first grade assholes.

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